Customer Reviews Make Or Break Businesses

The Power Of Customer Reviews

Customers don’t just make decisions, mostly they make informed decisions. There are a lot of things that go into the customer’s decision before they purchase from you. Just so you know; 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business

The impact on your business from customers reviews can be life changing. A single negative review can turn a previously busy restaurant into a ghost town over night whereas recommendations from family and friends do the opposite, it rightly influences other customers and makes them trust your business more. For your business to grow, positive reviews from genuine customers can catapult a business to expand rapidly.
Research shows 72% of consumers say that positive reviews make them trust local businesses more.

So it’s really that simple. Consumers do almost everything online and people use the internet to shop and conduct pre-purchase research. They compare brands, prices, and products online. 9 out of 10 consumers use search engines like Google and Bing to do their online research before making a purchase. When researching, customers encounter online reviews – positive and negative – on brands and products.

Interestingly, customers are always ever ready to provide you with good feedback from exceptional services; a survey carried out buttressed this fact and validated this point. 

However, this question might ensue…How do I get my customers to be satisfied and happy so that I can get beautiful reviews?

How to Get Good Reviews

  1. Leave spaces for reviews on your page

It is important to create spaces on your website that allows customers to leave sweet reviews to elicit further feedback and generate more customer stream to your webpage.·

  1. Work with optimised content

It is important to optimisze your website content to make it easy for people to leave reviews on your age. If you get this right, you will see optimal results. The usage of website badges and blog posts and emails will help the direct newbie to your websites. 

Setting up website badges to quickly and easily direct visitors to your Yelp, Facebook, and Amazon pages to read and leave reviews. You should also make sure to ask your customers to leave your reviews short and precise; something straight to the point and attractive. On the Avery, a one-stat increase in Yelp leads to a 5-9% increase in a business revenue and one negative review can Cody you 30 customers!!

  1. Utilize Incentives

Your ability to effectively craft incentives into your offers; this will serve as a measure for your customers to give reviews. This way, you’d be giving them a tangible reason to leave a review.

  1. Sense the right moments and use it well

You mustn’t request reviews from your customers at the wrong moment because it can result in you getting tons and tons of negative feedbacks as reviews thereby causing more harm than good.

You can ask for customer reviews during the times that they record success with the usage of your product or service

  • when they make a second purchase or another order
  • when they openly tag you in their posts to flaunt your services
  • when they spend so much time going through your web page
  1. Go all out to meet your customers

It is not advisable that you ask your customers to leave their reviews about your products and services through an email, rather you should make sure that your requests directly match up to the avenue where your customer wishes to write a review. This way, things will be made easier.

Reviews are interesting to have; much more, they are undeniable positive propellers in digital marketing.

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