Video Production Success

Throw-away society

Recently whilst riding to a video production, something caught my eye. Almost snake-like in the undergrowth.
Turned out to be a dumped bicycle tyre inner tube…Not any old tube but a Surly FatBike 29’er inner tube. These things are like £25 each! video production fat inner tubeDumped because it had a tiny puncture.

Most mountain bikers no longer carry a puncture repair kit. Instead take a couple of spare cheapy tubes, at a £1 each it makes sense.

Back home the puncture took less than 5 minutes to repair, which made me think. Was it dumped because of the puncture? Have we been conditioned to the fact that it’s easier to chuck rather than replace? Or have we become lazy?

Online retail boom

Today’s generation seems to buy everything online. Have it delivered to their doorstep. Rip open the packaging. Ignore instructions. Reach instead for their phone. Launch YouTube to see how to use or assemble the product.
It’s the same attitude for everything, plan a trip, forget the road atlas instead google it! Wana bake a cake? Shout OK Goolge How do I bake a cake? > Through video production instantly an expert is in the palm of your hand. Play, pause, rewind allowing you to replay or skip fast than real-time.

Google it

OK googleThe world’s number one search engine and its little brother, YouTube, allow us to search out anything. They teach us ‘how to…’ FREE within seconds.
10 years ago we saw a shift in high street shopping. The government advised all businesses to build an online presence. Experts warned that if you weren’t online your competitors were. The experts were right in most business sectors. The internet killed many high street stores. Woolworths, MFI, Comet, Jessops, HMV and Blockbusters all went into liquidation. Additionally, thousands of small businesses were squeezed out of their marketplaces. DIY’ers underpricing themselves working from home with zero the overheads. Overnight eBay and YouTube stars were born, making millions with residual incomes.

Video Production YouTube

Right now in 2017, we are seeing a huge second phase shift in online marketing and social media. Video is THE hot property medium, therefore, YouTube, SnapChat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are all competing hard to be the No.1 video platform. Why? Because IMO people are lazy, the throwawayyoutube upload 300x226 1 society wants everything now. Many don’t bothered to read a paper. Instead, want continuous snippets of actuality / soundbites plastered over their facebook page. Hitting their own FB timelines before making tomorrows news headlines.

Manufacturers have switched on to this and have hundreds of freelancers like us working for them around the clock. Creating video campaigns designed as clickbait. This VIDEO social reach is way beyond anything we’ve seen before and has no signs of slowing down. First impressions count. Finally, if you have a product or service and haven’t yet got it online through video production DO IT, or it may end up like a dumped deflated tyre.

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