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Why you must have online video

Online video has become a pivotal and enlightening addition to websites, with many top brands, such as H&M, Nike, Apple, Google, Coca-Cola, successfully incorporating it into their digital strategies. The primary rationale behind the surge in online video usage is straightforward: in a world where written content is becoming less prevalent for conveying messages, online video emerges as a powerful tool, enabling communicators to convey more with less.

The benefits are clear – online video is not only economical and cost-effective but also highly interactive. While incorporating it may require some innovation, the transformative impact on your website is significant. The addition of online video can redefine your website’s purpose and enhance its overall appeal.

For those contemplating this shift, there are tangible ways in which online video content can positively transform your website. Examples include Improved conversion rates, Increased brand awareness, Enhanced SEO, Stronger brand authority, Improved audience engagement, Cost-effectiveness, Increased customer loyalty, Enhanced customer education, Increased social media engagement, Improved customer retention, demonstrating the potential for a substantial improvement in user engagement and overall website effectiveness.

Boosting your website traffic

One of the most desirable traits that website administrators look for is an increase in traffic. Given that there are several ways to get this done, online video has proven to be one of the most effective.

Video marketers have been found to receive up to a 54% increase in their brand awareness across the board. Statistics have also shown that 80% of millennials today search for video content before they make purchasing decisions online.

Video marketing has also had a track record of helping businesses to increase their business, and since not many are using online video, this is the best time to get in on the trend.

Tell your story differently

The digital world we live in today means that people do pretty much everything online- work, shop, communicate, transact, etc. However, while the incorporation of the digital space has made things more convenient, it also means that developing that identity that sets you apart from others isn’t as possible as it used to be.

It also meant businesses have found it more challenging to develop a connection with their customers. Faces aren’t as recognisable anymore, and for a business that needs to humanise itself to connect with people, this is difficult.

However, online video helps to solve this. A video can help you make that connection, essentially helping your brand to showcase its identity to visitors and getting them to understand what you’re about.

You need to spark emotions to generate the decision-making that will encourage people to trust you. Online video is a great way to get that done.

Videos can boost your Google rankings

Every business desires that their websites rank higher on Google, as this is what helps them to gain the visibility that they need.

Google uses a ranking algorithm to place websites on its list, and one of the factors that the algorithm considers is “dwell time.” Essentially, dwell time is the length of time that a visitor stays on a website.  The idea is that your website has awesome content if people stay longer on it.

With videos, you can boost that dwell time and bring more people in, thus boosting your ranking as well.

Stay peculiar

If you’re looking to optimise your content marketing strategy, then video will play an important role in boosting your efforts.

Today, 90% of customers make purchase decisions based on the video content they see on websites. 64% of people who visit e-commerce websites also make positive purchasing decisions after watching a video.

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